15 Affordable Products to Help Your Tech Feel Like New Again

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In today's world, technology seems to be present in every corner of our work and personal lives. From phones and computers to listening devices and more, we've come to rely on electronics to make our daily lives easier and more efficient. On the flip side, with so much tech around in our homes and offices, it can be hard to effectively maintain their cleanliness and quality on a consistent basis, and there inevitably come times when our tech just doesn't work as it's supposed to.

Unfortunately, most electronics aren't very wallet-friendly, and sometimes, replacing an essential piece of tech can make quite a dent on our bank accounts. If you're in a situation where buying a new computer, printer, camera or more isn't in your budget right now, we've got your back. We've rounded up the best, affordable finds from Amazon that will help you revive your electronics to make them feel as good as new without the actual cost of buying an entire replacement. From computer keyboards & phone screens to cameras, earbuds, record players, printers & more, these reviewer-approved cleaning picks will have all your tech saying, "New year, better me."

Even Screen Cleaner Spray

This screen cleaner spray works on all sorts of electronic device screens, from your TV and computer to your tablet and smartphone. It has 21,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon, and it also comes with a microfiber cloth that is specially designed to clean screens and monitors without leaving streak marks, according to the brand.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "I had years of dirt, snot, and other pet related filth covering three monitors. The first wipe removed nearly half of it. It took no more than 5-10 minutes per screen and these things are spotless, using the product felt like watching an infomercial. This stuff REALLY works. all the hard worn on grime came off with little to no elbow grease, I really can't recommend this stuff enough. If you have a dirty screen this WILL take care of it!"


Akiki Cleaner Kit For Airpods

If your earbuds are overdue for a thorough cleaning, this comprehensive kit has everything you need to tackle the task. The lightweight, pen-shaped cleaner features a soft microfiber brush and a metal tip to help reach all the small nooks and corners of your earphones. It even includes a flocking sponge to clean the charging case for your Bluetooth earbuds.

One reviewer on Amazon wrote, "You have to get if you have AirPods. I accidentally stubbled across this cleaning kit while searching for something else. My son had his AirPods for over 2 years now so just imagine how much gunk was deeply stuck. Every tool/ putty in the kit made it easy to deep clean them. It's worth every penny and I will be purchasing more."


MiracleWipes For Electronics Cleaning

These MiracleWipes make cleaning your electronics as hassle-free as possible without compromising on quality. They're designed to clean external areas on electronic devices without causing damages to screens or surfaces, and they're pre-moistened with a quick-drying, gentle-yet-effecitve formula.

According to one shopper, "My PC touch screen was full of little "blotches" from who knows what. I tried cleaning it with all kinds of stuff: Windex, Clorox wipes, dish soap in water, a damp cloth (water only) and NOTHING cleaned the screen! What a mess! Anyway, a friend recommended this product to me and with one wipe, the stuff on the screen was gone (it IS a miracle product!) and I am happy as a bug, my screen looks brand new again! I'm going to order this for every computer screen in my family and extended family just so they can have a clean screen too! Love this stuff! Works GREAT!"


Zacro18-in-1 Professional Camera Cleaning Kitคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง

This camera cleaning kit comes with everything you need to clean and maintain your camera for many years to come. It includes various brushes and a dust blower to easily clean your camera lens, along with tools for tackling grease, fingerprints and more.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "Stop scrolling and get this! 🙂 Protect your valuable gear with this complete set of cleaning supplies. … This kit is especially helpful because it has sensor cleaning swabs for both APS-C and full-frame cameras. Canon 1.6 crop frame sensor,17mm compatible (confirmed.) The brush hairs don't shed and are soft. Extra lens cloths are nice. The variety of cleaning swabs to get into corners is helpful, as are the crevice tools. I don't use lens tissues, but they're in there. The dust blower is powerful and the nozzle is made of plastic so there's less chance of scratching something and it does NOT come off easily like others. Altogether, this is a complete set of quality cleaning tools that can be stowed neatly and safely"


MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – Pack of 6

Microfiber cloths are a great tech-cleaning essential to keep in your home. These ones have 58,400+ five-star Amazon reviews, and they come in a pack of six (each of which comes in its own polybag). They're super versatile and can be used on any delicate surface such as your laptop, phone, tablet, DVD, camera and more.

One reiewer on Amazon wrote, "So, I keep a pair of reading glasses in my office, bedside, and in the car. I keep one of these in each place as well. I think they were a great, easy value and when I use them to clean my glasses, iPhone, iPad, or Mac they all come out as clear as new, which was all I was looking for. Easy 5 star."


Ecasp Multi-Tool Cleaner Kit

This multi-functional cleaner kit includes a wide variety of handy tools to clean dirt out of the charging ports on your phone, tablet, laptop and more, as well as speakers, small gaps and other surfaces. It comes with six cleaning brushes, a SIM card pin, cleaning spray, cloth, and a user manual. Not to mention, it features an easy storage design that's super lightweight and portable.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "A must have for ALL your electronics. I was tired of my phone speaker being so quite and my charging port not charging well. I purchased the tool kit and what a GAME CHANGER. I was so excited. I cleaned the families phones, iPods, iPads, chrome notebooks, labtops and all our chargers. It has every tool you could possibly need and so much more. It comes in a rugged sleek case that holds all your tools with easy to read/understand instructions. … I am impressed and think that this would make not only a tool everyone should have but also a great gift that everyone would use." 


Falcon Dust-Off Disposable Cleaning Duster

This compressed gas duster has over 43,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and it efficiently blasts away dust, lint and other particles from the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your electronics, such as the gaps in your computer keyboard.

One reviewer on Amazon wrote, "This was a life saver for my son's 8th generation iPadคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. I noticed his iPad would charge but it was charging at a much slower rate than normal. And then after it was plugged into the charger for a few seconds, his iPad would read "Not Charging". I looked on iPad forums and one possibility was the port needed to be cleaned. I purchased a port cleaning kit and no luck. I also tried some other resetting steps from Apple and no luck. I called the uBreakiFix store and spoke to a technician. He said it was a malfunction on the motherboard and would cost me 180.00 to fix. I thought about compressed air cans. I figured I'd try this as my last resort before shelling out another 180$. And sure enough, it worked! iPad charges no problem and the iPad does not read "Not Charging" anymore! Yes the can is small, as others have said in reviews. But you just need a small burst of air. This air can should last a while! And I will gladly pay 6 bucks or so for a small can of compressed air to a 180$ repair bill!"

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ArkiFace Audiowipes Singles – 100 Count

These individually wrapped towelettes are specifically designed to clean hearing aids, earphones, headphones and the like. They're portable, convenient and alcohol-free; the ingredients are safe to use on rubber, plastic, silicone or acrylic, according to the brand.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "Love this product. Ever since my husband started using them to clean his hearing aid buds he hasn't had to go to the audiologist to get ant tips fished out of his ears. You most definitely should but these wipes if you have hearing aides. They have no alcohol which is great because alcohol danages hearing aides. I will be purchasing this item again many times."


Hagibis Soft Brush Keyboard Cleaner

This five-in-one computer keyboard cleaning kit comes with nylon bristles, a flocking sponge, a high-density brush, a metal pen tip and a keycap puller, all in one compact design. This small-but-mighty tool will help you deal with all kinds of cleaning needs for your keyboard, deep cleaning every gap and corner to remove dust, crumbs, lint and more.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "I love this set and definitely recommended it. It had been 2+ years since I got my keyboard and I hadn't cleaned it, so I got this. It was easy to remove all the keycaps and clean my keyboard thoroughly using these tools. They didn't damage or scratch it, the bristles are very soft. Definitely recommend."


Grete Gotye Phone Cleaning Kit

If you're looking to clean the charging and speaker/mic ports of your electronic devices, this handy-dandy multi-tool may be just what you need. The tool features different tips that are designed to reach into and clean lint, hair, fluff, dirt, oils and more from the small outlet holes in your computer, phone, speaker, etc.

One Amazon reveiwer wrote, "I work outdoors, and always have my phone in my pocket. The port gets dirty. I tried a paper clip to remove lint and that helps a little but it has gotten progressively harder to get the phone to charge. I end up wiggling the cable around for a minute and then wrapping the cord around the phone to keep tension on it. This sucks. Two minutes with this device and my phone now charged with no tension, cable turned either way. This little device is 100% worth every penny! I was beginning to worry I'd have to get it repaired or replaced!"


ColorCoral Cleaning Gel

This biodegradable cleaning gel has 30,900+ five-star reviews on Amazon, and it can be used to conveniently remove dust from your computer keyboard. It can also be used on other rugged surfaces, such as your car vents, camera, printer, telephone, calculator, speaker and TV, according to the brand.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "I got this for my girlfriend who plays on her PC all the time. All areas collect so much dust and she used this once and the dust came right off! I'm thinking about buying myself one for my car, to be honest! I loved this!"


Eveo Premium Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit

This four-in-one vinyl record cleaner kit has everything you need to clean, preserve, restore and protect your precious vinyl album collection. It comes with a velvet brush and cleaning fluid to keep your records in tip-top shape, a cleaning gel to keep your turntable needle pristine and a small nylon brush to remove dust and dirt from the velvet brush.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "This product is EXACTLY as described. Please treat your vinyl (and your stylus) with the care that it deserves. Cleanliness is critical to longevity. Simply use as directed, please do not bear down on the vinyl it is not necessary, the same with stylus preservation. This is 5 stars all the way"


Boundless Audio Record Cleaner Brush

On a related note, if you're just looking for an effective brush to safely remove dust and dirt from the surface of your vinyl records, this Boundless cleaner brush is it. The unique carbon fiber bristles gently lift harmful particles from the surface while eliminating static charges, according to the brand.

According to one Amazon reviewer, "If you spin records you MUST get one of these. It acts as a sweeper to pick up any loose debris on the record before you start playing. Without it you are going to hear all the pops and cracks from the stylus hitting the loose dust and debris sitting on your records. Highly recommended."


Tonha Printhead Cleaning Kit

If you've noticed a decline in your printer's output quality, you may want to try cleaning the printhead before replacing the entire printer. This comprehensive printhead cleaner kit is compatible with a wide variety of printers, and it comes with a detailed manual to guide you through every step.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "I bought this after so many other attempts to clean 5 out of 9 print heads that were severely clogged after a long period of no use. My Epson P600 hadn't been used in almost a year, and I had 3 heads that were between 20-50% clogged, and 2 that weren't emitting any ink whatsoever. 2 heads cleared first try within a few minutes using this kit, two more took the hour that they reccomend in the instructions but only needed a single flush. My vivid magenta head was stubborn and took 3 tries with progressively longer wait times, but it's now back in action and one day after recieving this kit I am back to printing fine art quality prints on Juniper Baryta paper. Would 100% recommend. Easy to use, no mess if directions followed, and saved me $700 for a new printer."


Click Clean Screen Cleaner

Our phones are one of the most-used electronic devices, and this constant use inevitably means that fingerprints, smudges and streaks will accumulate on the touchscreens. That's where this compact screen cleaner comes in. It features a washable microfiber cloth that cleans your screen in just a few quick swipes, along with a cleaner spray to more effectively tackle stubborn smudges. Not to mention, the cleaner is designed to double as a phone stand!

One reviewer on Amazon wrote, "I love this product, so convenient and now my phone screen is not equivalent to the iPad of a 6 year old boy who just got done eating scrambled eggs with ketchup. Amazing"


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